Military Latex BDSM Division – Captured

Military Latex BDSM - Captured


You have finally succeeded in capturing one of the members of the BDSM division & do you feel good! You now have captive the rebel leaders pride & joy, His military latex agent – ‘Lil Miss Borgia’. You have me locked in your playpen whilst you decide what to do with me. Shackled by the ankles to your bondage chair, with my wrists bound by leather straps. I try to struggle myself free from your restraints but it’s impossible… The room is flooded with fluorescent lights 24/7 making the nightmare a ‘SAW’ reality. You watch the footage on your security camera screen & zoom in when anything catches your attention. I plead for you to let me go but you have no intention of ‘ever’ letting me go… (High Definition – 720p)


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