Servitude Application

You have finally accepted your place, your place beneath Me in this world.  Without Me, you are simply nothing, simply pathetic. But I can give your life purpose and meaning.  Your purpose? Obeying and serving Me, and Me alone.  You will not need those ‘insignificant’ others in your life.  I will make your universe whole; dark matter will no longer be void of substance, but full of fetish desires. I will taunt you, tease you, seduce you, ignore you… as you will learn – it is ALL about Me!

However, anything that you disclose here will be treated with the strictest of confidence. My command is your desire. Now as to your first instruction, read the next passage VERY carefully!

Tribute $100 and only then may you proceed with submitting a servitude application request

( BeemIt is available for Australian residents only click here )

Q: Why am I required to send a $100 tribute?

A. I am a highly intelligent, established and uniquely beautiful Domme. My time is valuable and My attention is precious. Sending a tribute shows Me that you are an obedient and worthy applicant of servitude. Your application request will NOT be reviewed without the tribute paid.

Application of servitude is for subs and slaves dedicated to Brat Domme, Lolita Borgia, only

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