Customer Service

My customer service page endeavours to be of assistance with any FAQS that members may have. If after reading the list of help topics your matter is still unresolved please email me via the email address’ listed at the bottom of this page


Log-in Issue
If you are unable to log into the members Vault area please ensure first that you are entering your user name & password correctly

Is your [CAPS LOCK] on?
Remember your username & password is case sensitive. Make sure your username & password has not been comprimised, the Lolita Borgia website will block users who log in from several different IP addresses within a set timeframe. This is a common occurrence with password sharing sites; do not give your membership details to any other partie/s for your protection & mine.

If you have forgotten your password please click here


To gain access to my most intimate & explicit erotica that is locked away in the Vault, customers will need to purchase a membership. Memberships to the Lolita Borgia website are as follows;

$15 for monthly subscription; $19.95 for 1 month only or $45.00 for 3 months only

These are not all subscription memberships, therefore some memberships will expire after the 1 or 3 month period & will need to be renewed, for continued access to the Lolita Borgia members Vault. Renew your Membership here

Vault membership can be purchased securely through Verotel using your credit card, or online check. Once your payment has been confirmed you will have immediate access to the Members Vault. Cancellation of subscription memberships must be done directly  with Verotel my payment processor. For your privacy & discretion the business name that will appear on your bank statement is ‘Borgia’ . Any charges on your statement from ‘Borgia’ is your membership payment for the Lolita Borgia website. Some countries only the name Verotel will appear on the bank statement.

Memberships can now also be purchased through Alertpay for $15 per month subscription, only. This form of payment does not provide instant access to the Vault area; instead once payment has been received the customer will receive an email containing Vault username & password. This membership is not automatic but will be activated within 48hrs of receiving payment. Please ensure payment has been authorised through your Alertpay account before emailing in regards to membership log-in details. Cancelation of Vault Membership subscription is through your Alertpay account.

Click here if you wish to purchase a membership

Product Purchase

All products (excluding memberships) are processed through AlertPay. All my XXX Video Clip downloads are in ‘Windows Media Player‘ avi format & should play in most common Media Players (other formats can be requested via email). Please try VLC Media Player if there are any playback issues, VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD; it plays all my XXX clips. Click here to download your free VLC Media Player.  All my photo sets are downloaded in zip file format & photos will need to be extracted, Windows will do this for you if you right click on the zip folder & select ‘Extract All’ or ‘un-zip’file’. If you have recently  purchased an item from Lolita Borgia but was unable to download product; &/or you need to amend address details; please click here to send another email containing the following information;


Please contact AlertPay if you have any payment or receipt issues


Refund Policy
It is your responsibility as the consumer to ensure that when you purchase a membership to the Lolita Borgia website, that you have purchased the correct membership you intended. The pricing structure is very simple with only 3 membership options available, thus to ensure there is no customer confusion.

Any membership or part there of may be refunded;

If it is requested within an acceptable time frame
An acceptable reason is given
Access to the Lolita Borgia website was miniscule

Refunds if approved will be deposited within 30 days. The business name on your bank statement for the refund will be ‘Borgia’.

For more information on refund policies or to cancel a membership, please click here for Verotel’s customer support (Verotel is our membership biller); or click here for AlertPay’s customer support (Alertpay is my payment processor for product sales). The Lolita Borgia website does not tolerate fraud or deliberate refunds with no acceptable reason. The Lolita Borgia website reserves the right to investigate any member for possible fraud, and may refuse future membership/s for unreasonable refund requests.


Privacy Policy

I believe that your personal information should stay private at all times.To ensure your privacy, I promise to never share your information with any other partie/s. Any personal information collected will be strictly used for billing purposes only and will be kept private to those secure institutions. I personally strive to offer the best customer support by being honest with my members. You may also want to view my membership biller (Verotel) Privacy Policy, for more information click here; or for my product sales processor (AlertPay) Privacy Policy click here


If you have an issue that is not mentioned in this support page please send me an email with your Vault membership ID (username) & your email address . I will try to resolve any issue/s that you may have encountered as soon as possible. Please email me directly by clicking on the appropriate email address below;


for general enquiries;


for technical enquiries;





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